'Als Biden wint, kan ik niet meer trots zijn op Amerika'

In het AD, 2 november 2020: https://www.ad.nl/video/als-biden-wint-kan-ik-niet-meer-trots-zijn-op-amerika~p177757

Henk Jan van Schothorst vliegt voor zijn werk jaarlijks zeker vijf keer naar de Verenigde Staten. Hij hoopt dat de Republikeinse partij van Donald Trump deze verkiezingen gaat winnen.

Translation in English of short 2.5 minute film by Algemeen Dagblad (AD, 2nd biggest Dutch national newspaper) on November 2, one day before the US-elections, with Henk Jan van Schothorst, Executive Board of Directors of Transatlantic Christian Council (TCC) :


If Biden wins, I can’t be proud of America anymore.

With regards to my American flag tie: “If Biden wins, I put it off. I put it off.”

His policy is so far away from me, that I can no longer be proud of it.


I’m Henk Jan van Schothorst, 53, and have 6 kids.

Why I think the US is such a nice and good country: In one word I think: FREEDOM.


When I was 20 I worked in cheese and earned money for a travel to the US, I bought a nice Oldsmobile, and drove all over America, there a pic of the car, it were good old times.


I found it fascinating how elections were conducted. I loved the conservative message of for example Ronald Reagan, excellent, pro-life!


In the meantime we have had eight years of Obama, I thought this was a tragedy in the sense of his policies, as a person he might be very friendly. But he was a very activistic progressive President, who brought much on a track, from which I think: NO, that’s exactly the wrong direction!

And Trump was a correction on that.


I think it will be specifically a challenge for the left to control it’s extremist groups, and to make them accept the election outcome, if Trump wins.

If Biden wins, I think that the conservative voters in general will accept (ultimately) the outcome.


Question: And when do you plan to go to the US again?

I planned already to go there several times, also now

I hope that it is possible in January, than I have an appointment in Washington DC.


Question: In January: How does then the country looks like?

‘Divided. Divided. 20 January the new President will be sworn in. We’ll have to wait and see.