TCC sister Christian Council International (CCI) obtains tax-exempt status in US

Press release

Washington DC - November 13, 2020

Washington DC - Pro-life and pro-family defender Christian Council International, the U.S. sister organization of the Netherlands-based Transatlantic Christian Council, has been granted the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the U.S. as a non-profit organization. This makes donations tax-deductible. “That's not one day too soon," says founder and director Henk Jan van Schothorst.

If Biden indeed wins the elections, the U.S. will lapse as a partner in the international fight for the protection of unborn life and the natural family. That means all hands on deck in the US to stand up for the protection of traditional values. The 'Biden Plan to promote LGBTQ+ and equality in America and the rest of the world' is full of 'bold ideas', as he himself writes it down. (

These ideas therefore also apply in an international context to organizations such as the UN, where TCC has consultative status with corresponding powers such as participation in meetings. Together with remaining pro-life and pro-family member states, often developing countries, and a few other non-governmental organizations, we will have to work hard to turn the tide of secular flooding. For example, the gender ideology and the sexual and reproductive rights and education imposed mainly by Western countries, without respecting the sovereignty of often poorer countries with opposing policies. CCI is a welcome partner to continuously monitor and take targeted action at the UN in New York. This gives TCC more time to exert influence in European institutions and Geneva-based UN organizations such as the Human Rights Council. As of January 2021, TCC and CCI will start a joint 3-year project.

At the same time, a network of contacts with good forces in Washington DC is being further developed. An important spearhead for CCI will be the protection of Christian education in the US. With board members such as George Roller, gospel missionary in Congress on Capitol Hill, and John Van Der Brink, director of the Netherlands Reformed Christian School in New Jersey, a lot of knowledge is present.

On Friday, March 13th, Van Schothorst arrived in an empty New York city with the last possible flight because of the Covid-19 travel ban from Europe. On Monday, March 16, preparatory talks were held in, according to the hotel porter, 'scary quiet' Washington DC for the founding of CCI and Van Schothorst was able to return to the Netherlands with one of the last possible flights. On June 5 the establishment of CCI was a fact. The now obtained status also makes it possible to build a support network in the US.

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