Contribution in Commemoration of the UN International Day of Families – May 17, 2021

We assume a worldview in which a human being on the one hand has inviolable dignity, with an equal claim to fundamental rights for everyone. On the other hand, there is the recognition that man is imperfect, and prone to evil and abuse of power. This inconvenient truth is also the reason for the introduction of "checks and balances" through the separation of powers: executive, legislative and judiciary.
As a people split into identity groups our opponents seem to reject, exchange, or redefine these core truths in such a way that each group and each individual has the right to decide for himself what his truth is. These claimed or experienced truths must then be accepted by everyone. Those who do not go along with this identity politics, leading to political correctness, are dismissed as xenophobic, racist, homophobic, etcetera. Thus, under the cover of inclusivity, diversity and social justice, unfreedom is imposed 'for all'. A cancel culture of the deemed wrong past, in which the whole system must be dismantled and reformed, and supposed 'white domination' must come to an end. However, the problem is not in the system, but in the human being. Denial of this truth is the source of all problems. Only united we stand, diversified we fall.