Scoping mission to the African Union (AU)

The TCC/CCI is currently engaged in a scoping mission to the African Union (AU) to assess the opportunities for the TCC to establish a local representation with the Headquarters of the AU in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The international consultant Mrs. Meskerem Ritmeester has been asked to conduct this scoping mission on behalf of the TCC/CCI, as she is currently living and working in Addis Ababa and therefore situated closely to the AU headquarters. She has close to 10 years of extensive cross-cultural experience working in international NGOs and consultancy projects in The Netherlands, Ethiopia, and South Africa. She is also a devoted Christian herself and is therefore able to sufficiently empathize with the values promoted by the TCC/CCI. For this particular assignment to succeed, Mrs. Meskerem will conduct a desk research to obtain an insight in the current AU governance system, the AU public policies impacting the TCC/CCI topics, and the influence of the EU and the US government on these AU public policies. She will also try to identify the specific role, influence and needs of the primary target group, influential individuals / groups, and interests groups with regard to each of the TCC/CCI topics. Finally, Mrs. Meskerem will develop a legal scan that informs the TCC/CCI on the different legal options to operate in Ethiopia.  Based upon all the gathered information, the TCC/CCI will be able to make an informed decision with regard to starting their operations with the AU.