Transatlantic Christian Council

The mission of the Transatlantic Christian Council is to develop a transatlantic public policy network of European and North American Christians and conservatives in order to promote the civic good, as understood within the Judeo-Christian tradition on which our societies are largely based. Our goal is to influence public policy on both sides of the Atlantic from a Christian and politically conservative perspective, with the broad objective of fostering and protecting the greatest achievements of our political systems: limited government, the free market and individual liberty, especially religious freedom and freedom of education, with the family as the foundational building block of society.

By bringing together Christians and conservatives involved in policy think tanks, law, business, journalism, training and education, foundations and other institutions in the public square, the Transatlantic Christian Council will function as a transatlantic actor and hub for analyzing public policies and social trends, as well as promoting and facilitating reflection and action among a wide variety of like-minded people involved in public life.

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Report of the inaugural conference

Cercle Royal Gaulois, Brussels, Belgium - Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sustainable Freedom: The Conversation between Christians and Secularists in the Post-Secular Age.


Direct links to keynote speakers and panels:

Os Guinness - Sustainable Freedom

Frits Bolkestein - Post-Secular Age 

First Panel: Human Rights and Human Nature - Sophia Kuby, Thierry Baudet, Marie Smith, John Fonte 

Second panel: Religious Freedom - Eric Teetsel, Jennifer Marshall, Rocco Buttiglione, Martin Kugler 

Third panel: Free Market - Robert A. Sirico, Bruno Roche, Jan Schippers, Theodore Malloch