Board of Directors

Description of the role of the Board of Directors in the organization from 2013-2016:

In 2016 entered to the board:

Jan Schippers (MSc), TCC-Secretary - J. A. Schippers (born in the Netherlands in 1968) studied political economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. From 1994-2006 he worked as a policy advisor for the political group of SGP, GPV and RPF (later ChristianUnion-SGP) in the European Parliament. Since June 2006 he has been director of Guido de Brès Foundation, Research Institute of the SGP. He is also editor of the quarterly magazine ‘Zicht’. From 2006-2010 he was on behalf of ChristianUnion-SGP member of the municipal council Prins Alexander (part of the city of Rotterdam). Jan Schippers is married and father of two children.

Johannes Luiten (MSc and M.A.), TCC-Treasurer - J.J. Luiten (born in the Netherlands in 1979) teaches General Economics and Business Economics in the higher years of havo (higher general secondary education) and vwo (pre-university education). Besides standard courses in Micro-economics, Macro-economics and so on, he has taken specialized courses related to Development Economics. Master's thesis title: "Abundant labour and income inequality: case studies of China and India" - see Activities and associations: In 2002-03 he assisted as a so-called "student-assistent" a research group in the areas of General Economics / Public Economics. He holds Masters of Science from the universities of Rotterdam and Utrecht and a Master of Arts from Leiden University. Johannes Luiten is married and has five children.

(Todd Huizinga and Miriam Lexmann resigned from the Dutch branch of TCC's board on December 31, 2015, after fulfilment of their term).


Executive Director U.S. Office Transatlantic Christian Council

Henk Jan
van Schothorst

Executive Director Transatlantic Christian Council


Board Member Transatlantic Christian Council 2013-2015